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Modern Batik is batik produced by the best cotton material and unique batik paintings that is comfortable to use and easy to make for your uniform recognized on occasions. If you go to our stores, you can visit our shop and factory to see the making of our Batik. Some people prefer to go online because they can order directly to online shop instead of going to the physical store. If you find difficulty in choosing batik, you can find and order the other batik fabric from our shop by email. The store is located in Yogyakarta, the origin place for traditional Batik besides Solo and other cities in Java. The store open at 10:00 to 16:30 every day. You can find Batik around Indonesia but you must choose which is the best for you. The Soemihardjo Batik fabric is not printed but is specially designed with a good color and paintings. Soemihardjo Batik, one of the most famous batik studios in Yogyakarta, was founded in 1974 by Mr. Soemihardjo. He established his batik fabric business shop. His unique style of designing modern, ethnic and unique designs with a the best quality attracted the foreigners who visited the country of Indonesia.

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